Гранти для українських організацій, що працюють у сфері доступу до правосуддя

Американська громадська організація «Global Save» зацікавлена у наданні фінансування в розмірі до 3, 500 тисяч доларів США українським організаціям, які успішно працюють в Україні в сфері доступу до правосуддя. Дедлайн - 15 листопада 2017 р. (далі - англ.).

Більше грантів у розділі Гранти.

The recipient must be a registered Ukrainian organization with a demonstrated history of commitment to improving access to justice and capable of receiving wire transfers in U.S. dollars in Ukraine.

Furthermore, contribution to an existing endowment would be considered. 1 APPLICATION​ ​REQUIREMENTS: All applications must submit both a brief narrative and a detailed budget proposal. The narrative should not exceed 3 pages and must include background information on the applicant organization, including a description of previous experience promoting access to justice. The narrative proposal should also describe the envisioned activities, their anticipated impact, and a detailed implementation plan. The budget proposal should fully account for how and when grant funds will be used.

The following application guidelines are suggested: Cover​ ​page​ ​that​ ​includes​ ​the​ ​following​ ​information: Organization Name Registration Information Name of authorized agent Contact information 2)​ ​Narrative​ ​that​ ​includes​ ​the​ ​following​ ​information a.)​ ​ORGANIZATIONAL​ ​BACKGROUND​ ​(250 words total) ● What are your overall mission and goals? ● What services do you provide? ● How many individuals have you provided legal aid/consultation to in the past 12 months; in what substantive areas? b.)​ ​ACTIVITY​ ​DESCRIPTION​ ​(Two-page maximum) Rationale for Improvement ● What is the issue or problem you are trying to tackle? ● How has it impacted your organization’s ability to serve your target population and/or produce the intended outcomes? ● What data, surveys, observations, or discussions with your target population and staff brought this issue to your attention? How long has this issue existed? ● Why is addressing this issue now a priority? Planned Approach ● What is the improvement and how will it (work towards) resolving the issue? ● Please clearly explain how the proposed improvement will change your services. After the improvements have been made, how will clients’ experiences differ? ● How does the improvement plan respond directly to the population you serve needs? ● What are the specific goals and activities of the improvement plan? Who are the staff members who will implement the changes? Proposed Timeline & Project Management Plan 2 ● What is the timeline for the improvement plan? ● Who will manage the improvement plan and how will they track progress against the timeline? Measuring Your Impact ● How will staff know whether the improvement is resolving the issue? What information will be collected to assess results? Sustainability of Proposed Project ● How will you sustain the improvement financially and programmatically? ● If the improvement will result in an increase in program costs, how will you ensure financial sustainability after the grant ends? Please be as specific as possible. c.)​ ​Budget​ ​and​ ​budget​ ​narrative.​ ​Use of all grant funds must be clearly accounted for in the budget, The budget narrative should justify all expenses in relation to the overall grant objective. Any portion of the budget that will be funded by sources, including other funding sources and/or in-kind donations should be clearly identified. 

Application form

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